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Integrity Home Inspection Checklist

Our goal at Integrity Home Inspections of Central Florida is to provide the

most thorough home inspection possible.

Please assist us by completing this checklist before your inspection.

  • All utilities must be turned on.
  • If any pilot lights need to be manually lit, please ignite them.  This includes gas fireplaces, water heaters, etc.
  • Unless there is a safety reason that requires them to be de-energized, all electrical breakers must be in the “ON” position.
  • The electrical panel must be accessible.
  • If they are required to operate an appliance or fixture, please have remote controls readily available.  This includes fans, lighting, spas, etc.
  • Tape should be removed from any electrical switches that are safe to operate.
  • Clear items from all sinks/tubs and have drain stoppers present.
  • Main water shut-off valve must be accessible.
  • Provide all keys for any areas needed. This includes crawl space access, locked interior and exterior storage closets, keyed window locks, stand-alone-buildings, detached garages, etc.
  • Provide disappearing stair hook for attic access.
  • Provide clear access to any wall or attic air conditioning handler.
  • Remove any objects in crawl space that would block access especially to the entry.
  • For the appliance section of the home inspection, please remove dishes from the dishwasher and clothes from both the dryer and washer.  No food or dishes should be in the in the kitchen sink or cooking equipment.

Not all work previously completed on a home has a corresponding permit.  If any documentation on repairs is available, please have them ready at the home inspection. 


Thank you in advance for completing this checklist.  The preparation will make a difference and allow us to fully evaluate the home.  


Thank you